Our Story


What got us here?

Our parent nonprofit ”Organic Perspectives‘ had pioneered a number of conservation initiatives with smallholder farmers in Uganda’s remote communities of Kamuli & Buyende since 2007. Then, it became apparent that while environmental degradation—e.g. the unrelenting deforestation in the countryside—is at its height, local interventions (such as ours) are limited in capacity, and there is need for engagement of the foremost beneficiaries of our planet’s natural places.​

EcoTours & Travel Uganda therefore came up—as an offshoot of Organic Perspectives!

The beautiful natural places in local travel destinations are under pressure both from local practices and the wider global impact on the environment. Either way, local communities and key beneficiaries (the tourism industry coming first) are the ultimate losers: the prided tourist scenery (the beautiful tropical forests) are on the verge of disappearing, while the rural smallholder farmers are taking a hit from subsequent difficulties like land degradation, droughts and climate change.​​

Our aim is to showcase better forms of green tourism by engaging travelers in conservation work, both directly (through Travel CO2 Offsets designed to also create real-life connections between travelers and environmental causes in local travel destinations) and indirectly (by leveraging resources from our own ecotourism activities to scale the activities of Organic Perspectives—community forestry, sustainable household energy and Organic gardening). Our Volunteers Program is even another hands-on opportunity for travelers to engage in conservation.

ALSO:  for every person we take on a standard safari, we will start up and support a new community reforestation center (or a ‘Project Extension Group’ – PEG) that will plant 25,000 trees per season and act as the local community extension hub for our activities on sustainable household energy and organic gardening. You can also choose to go with us on a visit to the local farmers’ group that will host the new community site. Or, if you make no booking yet, you can simply choose to visit some of our pre-existing ecoproject sites!

See the activities of Organic Perspectives here, or a few videos from our projects on YouTube.​


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