Travel CO2 Offsets

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Unlike other carbon reduction programs available to the eco-minded traveler, our travel CO2 offsets initiative is unique in a few ways:

1)   We are directly part of you—in the tourism industry—and then we are the direct developer and implementer of the work that will remove the earth impact of your travel!

2)   If you choose to offset your travel CO2 through our sustainable household energy project, we will send you both the beneficiary’s full name, physical address and picture of the household where either an improved cookstove or a fixed-dome biogas plant was acquired with the use of your money—and you are always welcome to visit our project sites with our team. This will not only build a more personal, real-life connection between your travel and environmental causes in local travel destinations, it will also connect you with the project generating your emission reductions.

3)  As with our sustainable household energy project, our reforestation project involves an incredibly high level of local people’s participation through our community “Project Extension Groups” as  shown in the project’s organizational structure and in videos on our YouTube Channel. Download our Project Extension Framework (PDF, 1.8MB) for more information.

Measuring your CO2 footprint:
i) If you’re only interested in offsetting flight-related emissions, click here for one of the most ideal carbon calculators by “The Carbon Neutral Company”.

ii)  If you rather need to make a more in-depth evaluation of your household and lifestyle footprint, then EarthLab’s Carbon Calculator is the one for you.

​You have two options for cutting your CO2 footprint through our ecoprojects:

1. Tree Planting

2. Sustainable Household Energy (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency)

You may specify which one of the two projects receives your money for carbon offsets, or you can let us decide and inform you where we used it.

After you have figured out how much of your footprint needs to be offset, please get in touch to let us know which of the above two projects you need to support—or if you want us to decide.

For either project, your payment will either be made at Organic Perspectives’ fundraising page on GlobalGiving, or you can see Organic Perspectives’ donations page specifically for the ‘CHECK’ and ‘WIRE TRANSFER’ options. You might also consider covering transfer fees (15% for the case of GlobalGiving)so that your donation will be just enough for its purpose.

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