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Our Industry Partners are organizations, companies or individuals either directly involved in the tourism industry or not, who feel conscious of the impact of the travel industry on the global environment—and are passionate about ecotourism and responsible travel. These could draw on our Approach to Green Tourism to further practical environmental action beyond individual tourism sectors in Uganda or anywhere else in the world.

“Ecotourism only works when it yields economic benefits to local people, supports conservation and reduces the human impact of travel. It requires the active and educated participation of tourists and the travel industry alike, and it involves everyone from the visitor to the tour operator and airline, the hotelier and the local labor force to agriculturists to individual conservationists. It’s about ensuring that visitors travel responsibly, help protect the wildlife they are visiting and contribute to the well-being of local communities” (Conservation International).

Our Industry Partners therefore may come from:

1) Tourism Services Providers  (such as tour operators, accommodation providers and tourist destinations) within Uganda or elsewhere in the world.

2) Individual travelers and organizations (travel agencies, NGOs, Companies, Development Agencies etc) anywhere in the world that would recommend our ‘Approach to Green Tourism’ to their audience, employees or the general public.

Here are 4 ways our Industry Partners can support our Mission:

1. Advocate for concrete environmental action in responsible tourism and travel.

You can encourage your audience to embrace green travel and socially responsibility tourism by linking us on your website.

2. Create a “Responsible Travel” or “Green Travel” information section to educate your website visitors on socially responsible tourism and travel – referencing our work towards green tourism.

3. Tell your audience, employees or the general public about our work on socially responsible tourism—and the option of offsetting their travel CO2 emissions through one of our projects.

4. Sponsor a newspaper ad or an online media package to let the global travel community learn from our approach to green tourism.

In turn, we will feature a link to each of our Industry Partner’s website from our “Partners” page.

To become one of our Industry Partners, please get in touch!

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